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Monday, December 22, 2008

Trader's Calendar 2009

Trader's Calendar 2009 - 1
The Trader's Calendar 2009 is finally printed out. 500 copies in all.
Looks quite cool to me.
As we don't have much extra copies, I took one copy for myself (think I need one more to keep, on top of the one for daily use)my wife (didn't know she wanted one for her office until she told me so), my sister (the designer - a copy for her portfolio of course), and Ivan (one of my friends who has been following my blog and drawing snapshots on Flickr almost everyday- he asked for my signature on the Calendar. He doesn't want it without my signature. Hahaha... I feel so honoured!). Wilfred told me he wanted my original signatures on every page of the Calendar, on top of my existing signatures on the illustrations! (Am I dead? Choy! Hahaha.....)
Trader's Calendar 2009 -2
It consists of the holidays of the 4 major stock markets - US, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Trader's Calendar 2009 -3
Besides the 12 Bible quotes and trading rules on the calendar pages, on the other side, we have charts to illustrate typical stock market scenarios, accompanied with original hand-drawn cartoons.
Trader's Calendar 2009 -4
This limited edition Trader's Calendar will only be given out to Robin's clients and students only
Trader's Calendar 2009 -5
Will need to mail out these calendars out tomorrow.
Not an easy job, when we need to frank the 360+ mails, labelling with names and address, and insert them into envelopes, even with the help of Robin, and his personal assistant - Mabelle.

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