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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Caricature theme - surgeon

Client's brief:-
"...Pls see attached face picture of the Doctor lady in question (1 person). I would need a black and white caricature in ink and brush w/ Doctor's theme as I spoke to you earlier.
She would be wearing a white surgery gown with or without surgery mask (must not be covering her face/mouth though). Could you pls make the theme such that the surgery gown is obvious to a surgical environment. Perhaps you could use your discretion to make the theme obvious while not eroding the classic feel of black and white? In addition, to add some humour, she can be twirling her stethoscope like a lasso...."

Caricature of a surgeon
It will be too plain without the cartoon character in this drawing. There's a need for some form of interaction, on top of the existing setting of operation theatre, tools, syringe. capsules, pills and stethoscope.

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