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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caricature live sketching for Marina Square - Day 1

2-days event (20th and 27th Dec 2008) at Marina Square.
3:30pm - 5pm and 6pm - 8pm.
Venue was the Activity Corner in between Kiddy Palace and Gain City, Level 3.
The aim was to liven up this place in Marina Square.

The client told me that she saw my blog post of my live sketching at West Coast Plaza.
Her ex-colleague is working there now.
She asked me whether the latter engaged my service for that event.
Told her no. Was engaged by an event organiser.
And her booking (Marina Square) was way before that West Coast Plaza event.

Back to this event.
Caricature live sketching for Marina Square b
This will be my corner for these 2 days.
Quite a deserted place/corner indeed. Not many people knew of this free sketching service too, as the only way to know it, was from the information counter, as what the client told me. And I don't know whether there was a notice there. Didn't go and take a look too. Not sure where it was too. Haha....

Caricature live sketching for Marina Square 1
First sketch. Did you notice any difference here?
Yes, I did the sketch in pencil.
Browsing through my blog, and realised that the last time I did live caricature in pencil was in 24 November 2006. Wow! 2 years odd!!! I thought I just started sketching live caricature in ink last year. My first few live sketching caricatures in ink. The skill/ line control was very raw at that time, as compared to present one. Good thing was that I have isharpened my skill/mproved over these 2 years, I think. Wondering whether current stage will be the bottle neck level, or there will still be room for improvement. Let's see it 2 years later.:)))

Caricature live sketching for Marina Square 2
Always better from the second caricature onwards, with some warm up after the first piece.
Though I have not done live sketching caricature in pencil for 2 years, I think there's still light improvement in the shading part here. Better control. Just that this paper is not right for the finger shading. Too smooth.
The Rowney Daler paper is more ideal, however, not good for sketching in ink, because of the paper texture.

Caricature live sketching for Marina Square 3
I think this one was even better than the previously piece.

Caricature live sketching for Marina Square 4
Skinnier brother.

Caricature live sketching for Marina Square 5
Their sister.

Caricature live sketching for Marina Square 6
Only couple for the event today.

I will be back here next Saturday.

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