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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Caricature theme - Nonya

Client's brief:-
"...a picture of me wearing my Peranakan Kebaya....a row of shophouses at the background....Purpose of drawing: More to capture memory of myself at my current stage of life. The last time I had a caricature drawn was 2 years ago when I had child no. 1, now I just had child no. 2 , and thought it is a nice way to freeze-frame my current stage of life. Plus I embrace the Peranakan culture. So I thought it is a good way to merge the two together...."

Lady caricarure Peranakan Nonya
This caricature theme reminded me of the MediaCorp TV Drama series - The Little Nonya 《小娘惹》. But her order came in way before this show is up on TV. At the time of drawing, this drama took up 1 hour of my time every weekday evening. :)))

The design of Peranakan Kebaya followed the photo provided by the client.
Her remarks, upon seeing this caricature:-
"Oh!.....Ya, this is what I need!"


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