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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Master Futures Trading poster

Master Futures Trading with Robin Ho
Done up this poster for Robin's Futures trading course - Master Futures Trading with Robin Ho, coming in February 2009.
This will be used for the book cover, flyer, advertisement on papers, blog, forum and website.
No drawing was done here.
I used (Robin's) photos, screen captures of the trading platform, charts etc, and did everything in Photoshop. Main concept here was to show what he will see (charts, markets, forex etc) when he trades Futures. All these are co-related and affect one another.
All these was reflected in the shadow area of his portrait, with some bar charts in his smiling eyes too. This reflects how he sees and trades the markets with confidence.
Spent a few hours to play around with all the layers, distortion etc, and to be frank, I like the final outcome a lot.

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