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Friday, December 19, 2008

Group caricatures for HSBC

Returned client, but can't remember which one was her order previously.
Her brief:-
"Amar - Birthday boy. He is the BOSS. Loves to wear polo ralph t-shirt. New Yorker. Has a Loud voice and fav quote is "Meeting" or "In respect of" . He shld be in the center with a loud speaker

May - Secretary who is always hounding Amar (birthday boy) on paper work and handle his meeting schedules.

Sandy - Exercise freak. cyclist. can lift 200lbs. small hips. very strong. very good drinker. party animal.

Bankim - just had baby girl. loves bollywood movie (he is indian)

Wee Chun - another gym freak.half naked musclar picture in small leopard print swimming trunks. with hand holding mirror and the other hand blotting his face

Hiroshi - japanese. loves japanese manga. can be a ninja or samuari

Rachel - very TALL. skinny. loves to party too . Likes Hello Kitty

Hui Hoon - New mother. can carry a milk bottle.

Chun Ding - in sport cars (porsche or BMW Z4). Golfer

Jenny - likes branded goods - can they be seated on a LV trunk with each holding a branded handbag . Carry Channel handbag

Dawn - likes branded goods - can they be seated on a LV trunk with each holding a branded handbag Dawn carry prada handbag

Derrick - in sport cars (porsche or BMW Z4). Golfer

Priscilla - works closely with Arjun. mother. very kind natured. always checking on Arjun.

Cherine - Likes branded goods - can they be seated on a LV trunk with each holding a branded handbag. Carry Hermes Handbag

Alex - Hardworking. vain. good built. mummy's boy

Avon - Clumsy. has recently broke her right hand and last yr broke left ankle.

Kenneth - Ladies man. He shld be near the girls (jenny, dawn, cherine) with a belt thats has LV and hand holding a bottle of alcholo (martell?)

Ian - Avid runner. (running after the car?) with food in his mouth. favourite food is nasi lemak
Aaron Just broke his left ankle playing basketball

Daniel - Brainy smurf, silent has a cheeky side (close to Aaron , Ian, Kenneth)

Arjun - In balls and chains (with balls saying "just married")

Harsh - computer engineer. always smiling. eager beaver.

Cherie - carrying lunch + coffee + tea for the team

Andrea - carrying lunch + coffee + tea for the team "

Group caricatures for HSBC pencil sketch
Long brief because the group was big.
Initial order was 21 people.
She added in 3 more people few days later.
Group caricatures for HSBC in ink
So many different themes. Hard for me to give them a common setting.
Group caricatures for HSBC colour
The best I can do is to put some of those girlsleaning against or sit on the car.
Chose a portrait instead of a landscape format here, reason being the birthday boy will be 'buried' among them if I opted for the latter. In addition, his theme is not really those outstanding type. Thus, I have to put him high up in this drawing too.
Group caricatures for HSBC in colour with frame
This job will be the last big order before Christmas - one of the main reasons which stressed me out, and stop taking in more orders before Christmas. So many faces and themes. I knew it won't be an easy job.
Anyway, it was done (Phew!), and I shall move on to the rest of the small jobs.

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