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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Comic illustration - Roller Coaster

Comic strip illustration - Roller Coaster watermark
In stock market, roller coaster is definitely not for the weak-hearted investors.
If you don't sit tight, you will get thrown of your seat, before you reach your destination (target).
Sometimes, sitting too tight will send you to the hell, if you don't set a cut loss point for your trade.
Dow Jones Futures - roller coaster
This is a typical roller coaster type of chart for Dow Jones Futures on a whippy day.
It can be range trading at one moment, and the next moment, it will send you down to Hell, and drag you out and push you to the Heaven. If you are too happy till you forget to take your profit, it will send youback to the Hell in the next minute.
However, this type of volatility is best for professional traders, as they can profit from such whip. The worst situation for them is flat market, which they can't trade at all.

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