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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Caricature live sketching for DaimlerChrysler SEA D&D 2006

I used my new fountain pen to sketch in this event at Pan Pacific Hotel this evening.
The first caricature wasn't so good, partially because I am not so used to it. Another reason is that the guest can't keep still. However, the overall effect was quite satisfactory, and the speed of sketching was faster, as there were less shading needed.
I think this style would bring my caricature skills to another level, as I tend to focus less on the details, but more on the overall impression. Let's see how the style matures over the next few events.

At the time when I post this blog, this stupid pen cover was spoilt. The cover is the screw-typed. I remembered that I didn't screw it tight. Now I can unscrew it. When I tried to exert more pressure to screw it open, the other parts were screwed open, but not the cover. SICK. I don't want to say that, but this China product is really........ lousy! I am still thinking of getting 2 more tomorrow.

Here are the photos of the caricatures done with the new pen.

Getting warmed up at the second caricature.

A nicer couple caricatures. I think it looks like the guy (when he smiles) in a comical way, which he doesn't think so.

An onion-head. =)

She wanted to see her eyeballs in the caricature, like her partner's, but that's her unique feature. I think it looks cuter and happier in that way.

I would say this was an easy and fun caricature to draw.

Last caricature doen for the event, though the time I was engaged has passed.

P/S: I need to get 2 more of the fountain pens, one for home and one for my gallery. I have to check with the art supplier what's the reason for the cover part. I will use the same medium again for the event in Sentosa tomorrow.

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