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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mascot design for The Learning Boutique

This client saw the Miss Clarity mascot I have done for Miss Clarity Cafe at Purvis Street, few years back.
They went online to search for the artist, and found my website.
They commissioned me to design a boy and girl mascot for their Learning Boutique, which will be located at the Pandan Valley, Holland Road.

The boy about 7-8 years old.
The girl about 15 years old.
The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches
Came out with a few sketches for them to choose.

The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches (colour schemes)
Added in colour schemes.

The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches 2
They chose Option C for the boy, and Option B for the girl, but requested for a standing posture.

The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches 3
Brown hair looks too heavy on the overall artwork.
Thus, we went back to use Miss Clarity's yellow hair colour.
They requested for more actions like leaning against each other, back to back, legs sticking out etc.
Came out with this sketch, but one of the client's feedback was the boy was leaning too far out.
The girl's leg was too far back. Wanted shoes with shoelace, and too much yellow on the flowers.
Wanted option C (in the first sketch) girl's face, and hair volume is not enough.

The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches 4
Changed accordingly with ink outline and colour scheme, but the other client said that she preferred the previous posture. Faint...... this is one of the problems I may encounter when dealing with more than one client.

The Learning Boutique mascots final artwork path
Changed accordingly. This time I do everything in vector file format (in Macromedia Freehand), since they need to blow it up to life size, and print as sticker on glass panels, as painting, framed and hang on wall, on letterhead, invoice and business card. Vector file format has no issue on the resolution, no matter how big they want to enlarge or reduce the artwork.
Put in some flowers in the background, as they feel it is a bit empty.

The Learning Boutique mascots final artwork revised
You may not notice the change here. They wanted a more refine eyes, nose, lips (and more curve) for the girl.

The Learning Boutique mascots final artwork
Finally done, but flowers taken out, as per requested.

The Learning Boutique mascots group
Gave them different version, as they may need them for different usage.
With out the wordings here.

The Learning Boutique mascots boy
Boy solo.

The Learning Boutique mascots girl
Girl solo.

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