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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another case!

I was browsing on Google Images for caricature of Thierry Henry, and saw this caricature, together with my other drawings from my website, appeared on this blog:-

It was in Arabic language, and I don't understand what it was talking about.
I used the Google translation tools, and saw that this guy was asking people to send in orders.
Using my drawings to get business for them again?
And he doesn't know my face appeared in one of the drawings.
Left a message on his blog, asking him to take them down before I take any legal actions against him. And the good thing that they are taken down at the time of this post.
Since they were taken down from his blog, I will not pursue further.
Just don't understand why these people dare to do it, and when they know that they can't deliver similar artwork (and quality) when the client ordered from them. Just out to cheat people?
This is definitely not good for my reputation, and I have to refrain them from doing so.
Doesn't mean that I don't put watermark on my artworks, you can use them freely.
Just don't want the watermarks to spoilt my artwork.
I only put them on when I need to protect some of my clients' interest - eg when they are selling those artworks online etc.

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