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Monday, October 06, 2008

Caricature theme - wedding in MDIS

Client's request:-
".....I would like to get you to draw the two of us wearing the white wedding gown and suit. We can be either standing or siting on a green patched of grass field, as for the background will be the MDIS Uni Campus at Stirling Road. I have attached the sample of the background for your reference.

Can you pls help me to add in some wordings. (Just Married. Jimmy & Shirley. 22/11/2008) You can add in anywhere, which will blend in to the picture.

I intend to have this as a table-top centrepiece for my wedding guestbook signing area. "

Couple wedding caricatures @ MDIS
Thinking to have a long wedding gown for her, and only found out that she has sent me another photo of her wedding gown (in the subsequent email), upon my completion.

Couple wedding caricatures @ MDIS
My mistake. No choice, but to redo it.

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