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Friday, October 03, 2008

Caricature montage

Client's brief:-
"I would like to have a caricature done of the subject doing his different hobbies (4 of them - see below) but I'm not sure if it's better to have all done in the same piece or 4 different pieces. Please advise.

1. fishing
2. playing mahjong
3. taking a walk @ the forest
4. driving his jaguar with a bluetooth in his ear"

Seems like this type of different themes of a single person on one drawing is getting popular here. I added in a label of "caricature montage" today. Have done quite a number of them and posted up in this blog, but no time to search/look back. I will just add on along the way. Same for those labels like"wedding caricatures", "couple caricatures" etc

Caricature montage pencil sketch
Caricature montage ink
Caricature montage colour
I like the fish most in this caricature. This is the satisfaction when drawing comics - you get the message (or sometimes comical effect) conveyed through with the creation of a character + its expression.
Caricature montage framed with metal inscription

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