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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Caricatures for Microsoft - APAC Team

Group caricatures for Microsoft APAC Team pencil sketch
Squeezing my brain for juice on how to put them together.
I tried not to repeat, but it was hard.
30 over sports for 55 people. There must be repetition.
Group caricatures for Microsoft APAC Team ink and brush
In fact, I was planning how to place them, while I was sketching along the way.
Group caricatures for Microsoft APAC Team colour
I started with the lady cycling in the centre, as she was the head of the APAC Team.
Next I put in the guy on the top right (Don't know what is this name of this sport.)
Then I put all those water-related sports like wind surfing, water polo, and canoe at the bottom, as they have a common setting.
With the curve on top right, I need the sail to bring the visual back to the drawing.
The placement of the marathon lady was determined in such a way:- running next to the cyclist, running on the water, and leap over the wind surfing board. Next factor was the shoes she was wearing, was similar to that Caucasian on the top right.
Then I played with the geometry of intersection on the left. I used the canoe as the starting point. Placed the pommel horse next to him, and the gymnast's legs intersected with the snow skis, and the ski jumper skiing out from the cyclist's back.

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