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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Caricature theme - BMW 6 series

Client's brief:-
"....I want to give someone a present for his upcoming birthday on the 5th Oct. So I decided a Caricature picture will be a perfert gift. ....

He loves loves tennis! Tennis is his life and he needs to play his favourite game at least twice a week to feel 'alive'. He recently took up fishing and thoroughly enjoys it..especially his prized catches. He handles lots of money in his job in Treasury. He hopes to own a Yacht one day soon and his Yacht will be named DL (his initials ).
He drives a dark blue BMW 5 series. He is man that needs his quiet time and that is why he loves relaxing beach holidays.

The Man ( Pls see attached pic)
* Note: In the picture, The Man is wearing specs, can we do away with the specs in the drawing?
- Wearing a long sleeved white shirt ( this white shirt is important and significant. As it symbolizes somethings. His bottom can be anything casual with slippers.)
- In a dark blue BMW 6 series with a car plate which states : 5th Oct
- He loves loves Tennis
- He likes fishing

The Background
- He enjoys relaxing beach holidays, so perhaps the background can depict a relaxing beach theme.
- A yacht that is named , "DL" sailing at the background. "

Car caricature BMW 6 series
First look at his photo, and it told me that his features were easy and fun to draw.
And the whole artwork turned out pretty well.

Feedback from the client upon receiving this framed artwork:-
"Thanks! It's very nice!"

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