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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Caricature theme - proposal @ restaurant

Client's brief:-
"my bf proposed to me last Saturday at Angus Steak House.

He was holding the diamond solitaire ring in both his hands, his left knee is on the floor. He is wearing a normal pink short sleeved shirt with dark blue jeans and brown colour shoes with .

As for me, I was sitting down on a dark coloured chair normally used by restaurants, facing him, with a bouquet of 9 deep red roses, with baby's breath in white coloured paper wrapping in my hands.For me, I am wearing a pink top with dark coloured jeans and red shoes.

Both of us are quite tan. Pls make us look slimmer with a sharper chin and get rid of our dark eye rings. He has short black hair while I have reddish brown long hair. Pls draw me with my hair let down. =)

The background of the picture can be something like in a romantic restaurant setting with candle light. As long as the background is soft and romantic.

It is something like the photo of the caricature you have done for the couple who proposed in Shangri-la, which I have attached. I have also attached photos of how both of us look like, with pictures of the flowers and the ring."

Couple caricatures proposal at a restaurant with diamond rings and flowers
Many details to take note in the brief.
Pretty stressed whenever I see such detail brief.

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