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Monday, October 06, 2008

Google PageRank 5 for website!

Google PageRank 5 for
Just noticed that Google upgraded the PageRank for my website to 5, after 16 months.
Thought I won't get a higher rank, given that I have not updated it for a long time.
But I've read somewhere online that, website will be better PageRank even if we don't update it for a long time. Can't remember the exact reason, but this shows that it is true.
The only reason I can think of is the online popularity of the website, which doesn't need incoming links from other website, but through search engines.
My blog is lagged behind, as I am giving too many quality links to my friends. Hahaha.... Some of them get the equal PageRank, or near to mine. And mine still at PageRank 4 no matter how hard I blog.
But I think it's about time...usually every 6 months...hehehe.... Google... I am still waiting.....

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