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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Group caricatures for Microsoft

Group caricatures for Microsoft APAC Team colour
These caricatures were done in July 2008.
The client wanted to redo them.
Reasons were too exposed and they don't want hairly legs.
Nearly fainted.
First time I heard such reasons, in my 14 years of drawing.
Caricature for Microsoft Australia Team Olympics
And they wanted t add in this gentleman in the group caricatures.

Group caricatures sketch for Microsoft APAC pencil sketch
This job waas considered a new job, as the initial brief was to let me design everything, in line with the Olympics theme, and no other specifications or restrictions given by them.
Group caricatures sketch for Microsoft APAC ink sketch
Now, you see less flesh, and no hairly legs.
Didn't add in the Olympic logo, as it was taken out and replaced by the Microsoft logo, in the softcopy they have sent me.
Group caricatures sketch for Microsoft APAC colour
Everything was redrawn, and they provided me with some new photos..
I have to changed the postures, based on the angle they faced.
Changed some of the colour schemes too.

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