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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Caricature for

A long client's brief:-
"Top left corner:
I want a drawing of a (glass) door with our logo. Outside the door there should be a couple of suitcases/bags. The situation I want drawn refers to a time when my boss left his luggage OUTSIDE the office door for several days over a weekend. This amazed the local employees.

Top right corner:
This is a tricky one to draw. The situation I want shown is as follows: Me and my boss were in Tokyo for meetings. We were traveling with a colleague from Norway who some times when he started talking would never stop. We decided beforehand that if we needed to stop him on his rants I should say something weird and my boss would follow up to make sure the subject was changed. We were at lunch with some Japanese customers at the 15th floor of a tall building and our colleague went off on a rant. To stop him I all of a sudden pointed out of the window and said ‘look, a cow!’ This has since become a catch phrase in the office. So if possible I want a drawing of a tall building in the middle of Tokyo where some people looks out of a window on high floors seeing a cow. I attached a picture of Mount Fuji as I thought if you put that in the back ground it would help show that it is in Japan.

Centre of picture:
Here I want a drawing of my boss where you can actually see that it is him. Attachment I has a photo of his face. The idea is that he is on the phone dealing with either of the 3 companies which logos I have attached as well (attachment II). If you can draw the logos (only logo, no need the names) as business cards on the table that will be great (in color).

Above centre:
I’d like the Singapore skyline in the background of the drawing of my boss. I attached a photo of the CBD skyline, which I guess you know already…

Right of the centre:
To add a drawing of the Merlion gives a link to Singapore and if you can draw her so that the water from her mouth spills on or towards the table where the logos are that would add a dimension (these three companies are difficult to deal with).

Left of the centre:
This can be in or left out depending on how much things you think we can/should fit in to this. He drives a Volvo XC90, which I have attached a picture of. If possible you can draw the car on the way to the British Club where his family has spent their weekends. He has got 3 boys and they play loads of sports so if tennis rackets, footballs, rugby balls, golf clubs etc. can stick out of the car that would be great

Bottom left corner:
He plays golf and I want a drawing of a golfer (I attached a photo of one but feel free to draw whatever you like). The key point here is that I want the Leader board in the background with the scores as per my sketch.

Bottom right corner:
I want a drawing of a glass plaque looking roughly as per my sketch. I was hoping to be able to show you the actual one but the important thing is that the Ginga logo is there together with the wording as per my sketch.

At the bottom it should say SINGAPORE 2004 – 2008 in some shape or form. "

Luckily, there was a sketch by the client.
Simple enough for me to know what he wanted.
Basic concept

Caricature for StatoilHydro pencil sketch
I came out with the pencil sketch.

Caricature for StatoilHydro ink outline
Inked in.
Noticed the golfer in this drawing?
Thanks to his unique features - big nose and pointed mouth, I can get his resemblance easily in cartoon form.

Caricature for StatoilHydro colour
Missed out the speech bubble.
Luckily, I saw the clinet's sketch again, and the space left was just good enough to insert it.

Client's feedback upon receiving this artwork:-
"Fantastic! Excellent!"

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