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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Caricature for Mastercard

A special client, who wanted to see the every stages of the caricature and details, from the concept, drafts, sketches, colour schemes, detail pencil sketch, inked stage to the final artwork. They have ordered such package for previous jobs.
Think they are too used to be treated that way, to ensure everything goes according to what they want. Of course, a special price for such package and privilege. Another client who used to work in this company also opted for this package too.

Client's request:-
"Can you draw him drinking beer and playing golf at the same time at the "Desaru Golf & Country Club" (the web site is,
but instead of Desaru, please spell it as DESPARU Golf & Country Club, with musical notes floating from his head.
Please include then and now MasterCard logos 1986 & 2007.
Please draw a Gurkha somewhere in the background with the words "Friend of Gurkha Contingent"
Can you add a small picture showing him receiving an award from the The Governor of Hong Kong for his work in the police force:
Please use the Royal Hong Kong Police Force logo from the following web site:

Certain requests were added and removed subsequently as we moved on, after some discussions with me.

She wanted a statue of Guan Gong/Guan Yu (关公/关羽) and some words in the bubble.

More detailed draft. Though I have told her to ignore the resemblance of the caricature (as this is not the final detail sketch yet. Need to get the every details correct at this stage), she is still very concerned about it. Hahaha......

The colour scheme, to give her an overall idea of the whole drawing, so that she can make the decision on the frame colour at this stage.

The detail pencil sketch. Noticed the Guan Gong was out of the altar? Have some discussions with her till she finally approved to have him at this size. Main reason was that I can't get the details out at that scale.

Everything was set at this stage, waiting for the colouring.

Colouring done! I took a snapshot of the finished artwork and emailed it to her for approval, before I scan and send it for framing.
She said "It looks great!"

See this scanned version. Which is better? I still prefer the scanned version. The colour is closer to the original artwork, and a lot sharper.

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