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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Group caricatures for UBS

Second order from UBS, but from another staff, after they saw the first job I did for them.
This time was group caricatures in colour, without theme.

Group caricatures UBS Pencil sketch
Noticed the last row of the caricatures?
I have lesser space after sketching the first two rows of caricatures.
I tilted their faces, and the overall result was quite good, at least not so static.
The restriction squeezed some brain juice out of me.
Usually, it was the resrictions that made you can't things the usual and easy way.
When I can break the restriction, it will become a creativity.

Quite a good way/method to tweak my layout in the future caricatures, I think.

Group caricatures UBS ink
The client sent me a non-smiling photo of the main character, the boss.
It looked really boring to me.
I requested for more smiling photos of him.
And because of these smiling photos, it helped to spice up the overall mood of this group caricatures. It looked cheerful, and I stretched out his arms to show his happiness. It showed him embracing his staff, and tied all of them together, graphically too.
Group caricatures UBS colour

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