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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Caricatures for Microsoft SEA Team

Group caricatures for Microsoft SEA Team pencil sketch
This was the last piece for the Microsoft job. Whole week devoted to this job only.
Ivan didn't manage to help me out on this drawing, as he had one big project on hand.
Thus, I got to do this whole artwork all by myself.
Group caricatures for Microsoft SEA Team ink and brush
My initial plan was to include the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games -The Fuwa (Chinese: 福娃) in all these drawings, but had a problem here. How many Fuwa to put in, and how to fuse them nicely into the caricatures, and not looking redundant? In the end, I omitted them. Just the Beijing Olympics logo will do.
Group caricatures for Microsoft SEA Team colour
You may have noticed this - lots of balls shooting here and there, in different directions.
It started with the soccer player. Then, the volleyball players.
From here, I have this inspiration. Just put in the ball-related sports. Hence, the tennis, bowling, and baseball came into the scene.
This could be one of my most satisfied piece of the job for Microsoft.

Finally done. And I have to get ready to set off for a 4-hour event. Wondered if I still have the seminar.

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