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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Caricature theme - Flintstones

Got to finish this first, as I need time for the framing to be done.
Coincidental too - Flintstones theme, but this one done in colour.

Client's request:-
"...... I have thought through the theme and as i always joke to my boyfriend about his resemblance to flinstone, i have decided to cast my boyfriend as Fred Flintstone and perhaps me as the accompanying Wilma.. hahaha.. in addition, i would like to have him in the fred flintstone outfit holding a lighted cigarette as in the style of holding a flintstone-style hammer (please refer to the attached file, 'flintstone style hammer'), with him grabbing the bottom (filter part) of the cigarette as if holding on to a hammer.. it would be good if it is possible to draw the cigarette with its lighted top bigger than the bottom filter part so that we can see the resemblance of the lighted cigarette to a flintstone-style hammer! Reason why i wanted to substitute the hammer to a cigarette (but yet in the shape of the hammer) is simply coz he just cant seem to let go of his cigarettes! haha..

As for me, as Wilma is quite thin but i am plump, i wouldnt mind a fatter version of wilma's body for me, as long as it adds to the overall candidness of the caricature! Haha.. As for the background, it will be good if we can have a flintstone style cave or flintstone car at the back...... "

Couple caricatures Flintstones
Smiling faces always help to make the caricatures looked more fun and happier.

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