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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Caricature theme - Arsenal soccer player

Caricature Arsenal soccer player
Really loved this caricature.
His face is really comical in the photo provided.
I emphasized on the smile, big and pointed ears. Had a fun time in sculpturing his facial muscle out with my colour markers. The tint of gray on the top and around the mouth area injected more life into this caricature. Think the last time I really achieved such satisfaction was when I did the caricature of Thierry Henry. Coincidentally, the theme was soccer, and Arsenal theme too. Didn't realise Henry was in Arsenal too, till I googled for Arsenal jersey and saw his photo.
Hahaha...... very bad in soccer stuff.
Added in a skinny body, legs and arms, but with big hands and soccer boots.
This was not my usual style, but it just came to my mind that I wanted this style, when I was sketching this caricature draft in pencil. I think it will inject sense of humour into it, and the final outcome really proved that!!!
Shiok shiok!!!

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