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Saturday, July 05, 2008

A stressed birthday

Think this is my most stressful birthday, because of the jobs piling up, especially the 55 caricatures for Microsoft lining up, due next Saturday. Moreover, the setting up of the new school stuff like getting company secretary, doing advertisement layout, searching for venues for seminars etc etc, added more workload to me.
Not a very 'happy' birthday. In fact, not much feel for my birthday this year.
See the previous post. I still have to draw on my birthday, which I usually don't do so.
At least a break for me, every year.
But can't afford it this time.
36 years old. Maybe half of my life gone. Could be even shorter if I keep on working like that.
Everyday wake up at 8am+. Work till 2am+. Work almost non-stop, except eating and fetch my son from school. Weekends burned off.
I don't think this is the lifestyle that I want to continue.
Need to give it a stop, at least not working every minute when I am awake.

Anyway, my wife bought me a chocolate cake yesterday. Had an early celebration.
She bought me a suit for the school seminars and courses.
This evening , my elder and younger sisters gave me a treat at Sakae Sushi at Wheelock Place.
They gave me a watch. This T-shirt I am wearing from my mother-in-law.
Another cake.
My daughter asked me "whose cake is this?"
"Why you birthday again? Why you have 2 cakes?"

Brought them to Toy's'rus after the dinner.
Few hours break, and I am back to my drawing desk.........

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