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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Group caricatures on crystal plaque for JP Morgan

This crystal plaque was finally done, after so much hassles.
The client ordered a 5R size crystal plaque.

Not knowing that this Supplier A has not been doing this for a long time, but sub-out to another supplier B to do it. The Supplier B only has 3R size, but not 5R size.
I only got to know this when this artwork was sent to them.
Of course, the client will jump up when I told her this.
My fault. I took it for granted that the Supplier A still have the stock.
The client blamed me for not checking on the stock when she placed order.

What to do?! I sourced around online. The client gave me another contact, but that supplier only has acrylic. Can't print colours on it.
I talked to the boss of Supplier A. By hook or by crook, he has to get source one 5R crystal plaque out for me, as the client refused to accept any refund, or 3R size. (I was liaising with his staff initially.)

He searched through his old stock, and found 1 portrait and landscape format crystal plaques.
Thought it was a very good news. Then, the bad news came when he told me the landscape format has a bubble in it! Faint!

Told the client about these news. Went to the Supplier A's shop to take a look. Good news was that the bubble wasn't too big. Told him to avoid the bubble to 'fall' on the face of these caricatures. Looking at the layout, it was still possible to have it land on the hair part.
And he managed to do it.

Thank goodness! This will be the final piece of 5R crystal.
Subsequent order will be in 3R size.
Group caricatures for JP Morgan on crystal plaque 1
In the box.....

Group caricatures for JP Morgan on crystal plaque 8
Out of the box - and front view.

Group caricatures for JP Morgan on crystal plaque 3
'Turning' it to let you have a feel of it in 3 dimension.
(maybe shoot a video and put up here, if I have the time.)
Group caricatures for JP Morgan on crystal plaque 7
Group caricatures for JP Morgan on crystal plaque 5
Back view.

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