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Monday, July 21, 2008

Portraits in pencil (detail shading)

Portraits in pencil 200708
I like to draw hair. Some artists will think hair and clothing are boring to draw.
Thus ,you see some of them doing wishy-washy jobs.
I think, if you can do them properly, it can add values to your drawing, especially if you can get the flow, folds and lighting right.
Layman will think straight hair is the easiest to draw. Sometimes, a straight-forward job will look ordinary. But the challenge is to turn it not so ordinary, and not too overwhelming, till it snatches the attention away from the portraits. One way is to take note of the hair flow, and then add in the hair volume through the highlights and shades.
Another issue which the guests (in live sketching event) or clients always raised is that bald head is the easiest and fastest to draw. True in a way, but how to get the shape and the proportion (in portrait) right are another (different) challenge. If we can't do it right, it will just look awkward.

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