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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Caricatures for Microsoft Operations

These were the caricatures I did for Microsoft in July 2006. (The new job will be up in the subsequent posts)
These softcopies (high resolution scan-in of the original artworks) were residing in my harddisk.
It was meant to be put up on my website (I have not started my blog at that time), but due to my tight schedule most of the time, they were not posted up till now.
I only realised it when the client from Microsoft rang me up for another job.

These caricatures were meant for his presentation, and the space left was requested by him, as he need to input text into them.
That year was the World Cup year. Hence, he wanted a soccer theme for these caricatures.
They were classified under different countries (not jersey colours, but Microsoft regional offices and management teams).
These caricatures were my nightmare, as I have to finish them in 2 days. I remembered, on the last day, I drew non-stop from 8pm+ till next morning 8am+, without sleep, just to rush them out, together with the scanning, and put in the flags of different countries. I slept for an hour+ and headed my way down to my shop in China Square, and deliver to their office in NTUC Building at One Marina Boulevard. After this job, I kept telling myself not to overwork like that anymore, but seems like it didn't work out well after these years.

Greater China, Microsoft.

caricatures Microsoft Regional HQ A4
Regional Headquarter, Microsoft.
caricatures_Microsoft_Regional_HQ_A4 revised
They wanted to replace that guy with this big boss.
Thus, I drew the latter's face and pasted in the artwork digitally.

Hosting team, Microsoft.

Marketing team, Microsoft. Not enough people. Hence, I created a cartoon figure to spice it up.

Korea team, Microsoft.
A goalkeeper is needed, since these staffs supposed to belong to one team.. Hence , another cartoon figure.

SEA, Microsoft.

India, Microsoft.

Japan, Microsoft.

Australia and New Zealand, Microsoft.

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