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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Caricatures for Microsoft - Australia team

The start of the 55 caricatures, in different teams.
The theme given by the client is Olympics, as this is the year of Olympics, held in Beijing China.
The rest is up to me to design.
The client will make duplicates of these caricatures and present in an award event to these Microsoft top mangement staff in different teams and regions.

Sorting the photos provided by the client already took me few hours, spread out in a few days with emails to and fro. Certain faces are repeated. In order to make sure I don't get the wrong faces in each group, I took the trouble to group them into pdf format to confirm. To and fro via emails, time left for my drawing is getting shorter and shorter.
Next, before the start drawing, I need to do some research online, to find out the different types of Olympics sports. Another few hours gone. And I know this is a big crisis. Whether I can meet the deadline is a big question mark. Furthermore, the school side needs me to look for venues(with booking), revamp of website, logo, advertisemant and namecard designs etc etc. I can feel the water level rising to my nose. One thing I keep telling myself was to work efficiently, despite all those disturbance. Just do it!

Group caricatures for Microsoft Australia Team pencil sketch
I started with this group of 10 caricatures, partly because there were some interesting faces/features in this group. I also need to test out how much time will it take for me to finish this artworks. From here, I can guage and schedule my time for the remaining groups, and all these due this coming Saturday.
Group caricatures for Microsoft Australia Team ink outline progress
One big issue of grouping all these Olympics sports into one drawing was the setting/background. It will be very messy and big headache if I put in these settings.
Thus, my final decision was to leave them out.
Group caricatures for Microsoft Australia Team colour
I put in the Beijing 2008 Olympics in each drawing, to tie these series of caricatures for Microsoft.

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