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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Caricature theme - Vespa

Client's brief:-
"I was thinking of what to get for my best friend's birthday, and suddenly I thought
about CARICATURE. Thus, I googled it and your website was featured. I'm
very interested to get a CARICATURE for my friend.

I saw your gallery! And its awesome! It grabbed my attention at an instance!
You're really good in what you do. Hehe.. Very talented.

Btw,I guess you'll need the picture of her. Just FYI, she rides a VESPA.
So, I would want the caricature to have her riding the Vespa.
I'll send you a photo of her with her Vespa. Just make her look cute and a little animated.

Do not include her 'P' plate though in the portrait.. hehe!
It has already been a year. Hehe! "

Caricature of a Vespa rider
Her immediate reaction upon receiving this caricature:-
"Oh my God! It's so cute!"

She dropped me an email:-
"Hey Jit,

Thank you a million for the portrait!!
I really loved it!! It was what I wanted!
Thank you!!


-Diana Kamal- "

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