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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Portrait for Grant Thornton

Portrait for Grant Thomton -- Wong KK (colour)
The client wanted a mixed medium for this portrait - pencil for the face, while the body in black & white watercolour (ink wash), which I have never tried before.
To blend the two mediums better, I have added in some brush strokes and ink wash on the face.
Turned out quite good, and I like it.
The portrait is scanned in at high resolution, into digital copy for their use. Not sure how they are going to use it.
Top is in RGB mode, while the bottom is converted into greyscale mode.
The latter looks especially good, when both mediums are in greyscale now.
Portrait for Grant Thomton -- Wong KK (grey)


Unknown said...

That is a quality job Jit - the water colour wash works really well with the pencil.
All things considered I bet they were pleased.

jit said...

Thank you , Tel.
I like it too.

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