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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Featured on I-S Magazine

Featured on 1st Aug 2008 I-S Magazine (highlight)
I-S magazine contacted me about 1-2 months ago, told me that they will like to feature my website and blog in their upcoming issue. They asked me what I have too say, which drawing I want to put up on it. Told them nothing much to say (Not arrogant, just that don't know what to say), and they can take any image from the website which they like. In the end, no image was used. Hahaha.... serves me right.
They agreed to send me an issue when it is published.
(which till date, I haven't received.)

I almost forgotten about it, until Adam told me that both of our company websites and blog were featured, but his was on top of mine (See that dog figurine?).
I-S Magazine send him a softcopy, which he forwarded to me.
Don't know where to find their magazine.
Thought I saw them in cafes like Starbucks or The Coffee Beans, but didn't see it on my trip down to Robin's office at Raffles City Tower.

Anyway, put up the softcopy here.
Just some amendments here that "....sitting is recommended"
Due to my tight work schedule, I can't afford the time for live sketching at my place, as it will disrupt my work schedule.
I can only do it for events, which I sketch on site and I charge by per hour basis.
Maybe, I-S Magazine saw it on my website's writing and mis-interpreted.

I have made changes to my work procedures/methods recently, and didn't have the time to check through these on my website, put up previously. There were clients telling me that you stated you can do this and that etc on my website, and yet I tell them different things. I apologise for that, and I will try to amend and update the changes whenever they spotted and raised them up to me.

Problem of one-man-show.....

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