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Monday, August 11, 2008

Caricature for SIA (Singapore Airlines)

Client's detail brief:-
"(1) Type: Caricature in marker with theme
(2) Size: A3
(3) Date required: latest 13 August
(4) Theme: Lady in Singapore Girl Sarong Kebaya. Draft sketch below
(5) Details
a. Lady to be wearing Singapore Airlines Sarong Kebaya, please ensure the colour used is close to actual, attached sample of the print
b. Lady to be wearing Mortar Board, it should be relatively small as the emphasis should be on the lady's head/face (i.e. smaller than what is on the draft above)
c. Lady's right hand to be in "Peace" Sign. Fingers to be relatively big (for the cartoon effect). The proportion of the fingers to body can be similar to your pic below
d. Lady's left hand to be holding a graduation scroll.
e. Please fully utilise the entire A3 paper, with emphasis on the head itself (anyway, this is what caricature is all about right)
f. The backgound can be a SIA airplane."

Caricature for SIA Singapore Girl Sarong Kebaya
If the client didn't specify for a big 'Peace' sign, I would draw it smaller.
If you do notice, I seldom draw the ladies with 'Peace' sign for caricature with theme, as I have a lot more designs for them, unless it is caricature without theme.

Obviously, the Sarong Kebaya pattern is the most time consuming in this drawing.
It always made my head big, especially those colour details.
However, when it is done properly, the outcome is satisfying.

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