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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Caricature theme -wedding couple on bike from Singapore to Melbourne

A returned client.
This time for her own wedding caricatures):-
The detail brief:-
" organise the A4 caricature picture for our wedding cards. I have attached a number of photos that should help you.

We are after a picture of the following:

- Myself and Aida are to be on the motorbike (without helmets of course)
- Matt will be riding the bike, Aida will be on the back of the bike (see example pic named: 'example card of couple on bikes')
- We are to be situated on the centre of the dwg
- we would like a windy rd shown indicating us leaving Singapore and riding to Melbourne for the wedding.
- on the top right we can have a typical Singapore landmark being the Flyer and the Singapore Merlion (see attached pic of previous caricature you have done)
- on the left we would like the Melbourne Land mark being Flinders Street Station with a Tram infront of it painted in the Australian flag (see pic named: 'Melbourne - flinders street sation with Aussie tram')
- The bike we are to ride is shown in the pic 'Motor bike'
- we would like to have a sign in on the rd saying 'Melbourne 6076 km' The sign is to have a orange background with letters in black
- Aida can hold a small bouquet of red roses

i have tried to give you the best pics of ourselves to help you with our faces. I would like to be in a suit and Aida can be in a white wedding dress - something similar to the pic ouf the couple in 'example card of couple on bikes' would be great

Aida would like her her to be about shoulder length (or a little longer), and flowing.

My hair can be like those of the pics supplied.......

We would like the final copy on a CD (so we can print wedding cards from it) and the original can be framed. Can you please provide me with some options for the frame...."

Wedding caricatures on bike from Singapore to Melbourne A4
I flipped the Singapore and Melbourne setting in the background.
The groom's photos given, showed more of his right face.
Given this angle, he can only moves to the right direction.
Thus, on the right, cannot be the Singapore setting, as briefed by them.
These were the minor details which the clients won't notice.

Overall, this was not an easy job.
Theoretically, the groom's caricature should be an easy job, given his prominent features.
Not so when I was drawing him.
Somehow, the feel wasn't there again.
Hey, where's my 'friend' again?
No choice, I have to do it painstakingly. Must make sure everything goes well and correct.
Then, those painful details on the motorbike, the tram, and the building.
Felt like dragging a loaded truck uphill when I was drawing them.
Just can't move fast.
But the feedback from them was satisfying:-

"Hi Jit

Awesome! Thanks heaps for the portrait.
We both loved it! Worth waiting.....
Cant help smiling looking at it...

Go Jit!

Aida & Matt "

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