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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Caricatures in pencil

Caricature in pencil 01
Caricature in pencil 02
Caricature in pencil 03
Caricature in pencil 04
Caricature in pencil 05
Caricature in pencil 06
Caricature in pencil 07
Not sure what they are going to do with these caricatures.
They provided with other photos, but they are either too blur, or more ideal for portraits.
Thus, they let me decide which one to use for their caricatures.

Email from the client:-

"Hi Jit,

Will like to say a big thanks for your caricatures, they love it dearly!
Saw on your blog, and though you maybe interested to know what they were for. We are students from NTU, organising committee for Impresario, a nation-wide talent search competition. They are the directing committee member for Impresario 2008 which took place in Mar this year, and the caricature was a special gift for them.
Once again, Thank You very much for the caricature, it was a job well done! =)

Steven Teo"

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