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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My dream.....

comic sketch
Just a sudden urge to sketch this out.
This is the type of comic sketches which I like and used to do it in classes, since Primary 5, whether I was listening to the teaching, or nothing to do. My hand will just feel itchy', and I don't only draw on paper. I did it on tables! Hahaha....... Thus, from primary, secondary schools, junior college to University, those tables which I have sat before, will have my drawings. My lecture notes have more sketches than notes. Some of my classmates will turn to look at what I have drawn, when they are bored.
I think this has built the foundation of my figure drawing and drawing skills, which I later fused into my caricature works.

I used to have this dream of being a comic artist.
After doing up of about 60+ pages of comic strip, I began to realise that it can only be a dream to me. It could be hard for me to start in local market. Knowing that the best comic artist's comics are not selling well in Singapore (after doing some survey), what makes me think that I can get a better sale than him? And to produce a good comics, it's not just pure drawing skill, you need good storyline, and good story-telling skill etc. I know it is hard for me, and I may not have that patience too. You will need to know how to market it too. To do everything solo, it may take years to do it. Most importantly, I may not be able to survive, financially.

At that time, I just started working as a portrait and caricature artist, and was doing well. Hence, I put in more effort into that career. I do comic drawings for personal interests only. I have not been drawing this for years, and I can tell that I have deteriorated. Nevertheless, quite a good stress relief for me, and withdrawal from those portrait and caricature drawings.

Wilfred told me that he missed my comic sketches. Thank you. But I am not in the mood to draw, due to my heavy workload. I did this in the middle of the night. Throw away all the work orders. Just do this for fun. Don't think I will ink it or colour it. I know I won't have the time to do so.

Don't know when the next sketch will be coming up on this blog. Maybe few years later.....

By the way, the angle of the face looked a bit off.....

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