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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Illustrations for CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore) - Essay 10

Danyel Ong Wei
Temasek Primary School

“Hi Heather!” I called out, smiling broadly. “Hey!” Heather grinned back, running towards me. Heather had been my best friend since primary one. She had long, jet-black hair and hazel eyes that sparkled with mischief. We often went over to each other’s house on weekends for sleepovers. We would give each other new hairstyles and talk about what happened during school that week. It was always very fun. I wondered why she looked so excited. Maybe she was planning another sleepover. “Come and meet my new friends!” she said excitedly, pulling me towards nearby trees where two tall girls stood.

“Cheryl, this is Sherry”, Heather introduced, gesturing towards a girl with short, black hair with streaks of brown. “And this is Kate”, she said, nodding in the other girl’s direction. “Hello”, Sherry said coldly. Kate just dipped her head in my direction.

Temasek Primary School Danyel Ong Wei - illustration 1 colour

Then Sherry produced two tiny pink pills from her pocket. My mouth suddenly went dry. “What’s that?” I croaked nervously. Kate looked at me. “That’s Ecstasy”, Kate replied coolly.

“Ecstasy!” I gasped. “I’ve tried it before. It’s really fun”, Sherry said, turning towards Heather and holding out the pill. “Try it.” “No, Heather! Don’t!” I cried out. But it was too late. Heather had already swallowed the tiny pink pill.

Soon, Heather began to complain of a severe headache and that she could not see. “I… can’t see properly!” she cried, clutching at her head. “And my head…” Then her eyes rolled back into her head, and her body contorted into a seizure. I stared at her, horrified! Then I sprinted off to get help.

“Heather”, I whispered, crying softly. I stared at Heather, lying in a hospital bed, pale and motionless. Her hazel eyes stared out, vacant and dull. “Heather”, I whispered again. “Goodbye, Heather.”

Temasek Primary School Danyel Ong Wei - illustration 2 colour

Saying goodbye to Heather was the most devastating moment in my life. I looked at her for the last time, then slowly walked out of the door.

A few weeks later, I stumbled upon a forgotten picture of Heather, jumping up and down on her bed, her big smile, hair flying, arms and legs flailing, so alive—and my heart broke anew. Truly, the price for taking drugs is too high to pay…

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