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Friday, August 29, 2008

Caricature order from Macau

Client' brief:-
"I am currently working in Macau while he’s in Singapore.
We meet every two months and communicate online thru skype, msn or phone every night.
Am thinking of the following scenarios, give me your thoughts please.
2 of us talking on the phone with Macau & Singapore as our background
I work at the Venetian, would be great if you could include Venetian in the Macau background as well.
It will be our 6th par-tor anniversary in sep and I like to give him this present."

Couple caricatures on the phone - Singapore
Couple caricatures on the phone - Macau
She opted for 2 separate caricatures, instead of 1 drawing, split into 2 scenes.

Email from the client upon seeing the artworks:-
"Thanks a lot!
You have captured our features very well!
Will definitely contact you when we want to have our wedding invitations printed…
Best Regards,
Kelly "

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