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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Illustrations for CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore) - Essay 12

Title: Drugs Are Not the Solution

Benjamin Aw Ka An
Tao Nan School, 5H

Daniel came from an affluent family. He had all the material comforts a boy would want: computer games, game consoles and plenty of pocket money. But he lacked love and attention from his busy parents. He felt lonely. Whenever he felt depressed or stressed, he would cycle to the beach to unwind.

One day, while Daniel was resting at a shelter along the beach, he befriended a teenager from a neighbouring school. Paul seemed to be an interesting and understanding friend. Daniel was glad that they shared the same hobbies. Over time, as their friendship deepened, Daniel began to share with Paul about his loneliness and stresses in life.

Tao Nan School Benjamin Aw Ka An - illustration 1 colour

“Don’t worry, I have something that can help you forget about your pain and make you happy. Want to try it?” Paul offered him one day. On his right palm was a pink-coloured pill. Daniel thought it looked harmless enough, and since his parents were not home at that time, he willingly tried the pill. Before he knew it, his heart began to palpitate very rapidly and he began to shake without any control over his body. With perspiration streaming down his face he felt nauseated, but also surprisingly happy, tranquil and high. When the effect of the pill wore off, he crashed into gloom and confusion. He was exhausted and fell asleep.

When Daniel awoke the next day, he recalled and liked the way he felt the day before. He went in search of more pills from Paul. Soon, Daniel was addicted to the pills—Ecstasy. With an easy source of money and a constant supply from Paul, he had no problems buying Ecstasy pills. However, Daniel’s health began to suffer. As his addiction grew stronger, he became thinner and his moods irregular. Often, he would feel irritable, anxious and extremely fearful. His memory deteriorated and he always had a dazed look on his face. His school grades started to fall. But he just could not stop his addiction.

Daniel would have continued with his downward spiral if not for his alert and caring teacher. Mrs. Lim, his form teacher, had noticed changes in Daniel’s behaviour and school work. She suspected that Daniel was abusing drugs and promptly notified his parents. Daniel’s parents were shocked beyond words when they searched and found a packet of Ecstasy pills in his room. Although it broke their heart, they knew Daniel needed help. The police were informed and Daniel was subsequently arrested by narcotics officers and sent to a drug rehabilitation centre.

Tao Nan School Benjamin Aw Ka An - illustration 2 colour

Two years on, Daniel has finally kicked his drug habit. He realised his folly, the consequences of taking drugs and how drugs almost destroyed his life.

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