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Monday, August 11, 2008

Caricature theme - hunk at the beach

Client's brief:-
*I would like the background to be of the beach, with him and a husky (black and white dog with light blue eyes) and somehow incorporate the MAOAM sweets in the pic as well (find attached file). Perhaps like a heap of the sweets on the floor? Im open to suggestions!
*He is also into bodybuilding and is somewhat muscular and loves wearing either black or white singlets with jeans.
*He also loves tattoos and has many on his body but I like the one of the lion on his right upper arm the most (find attached file) but if its too difficult to draw in that's fine!
*I also want the words 'Happy Birthday Vijay!' somewhere in the pic.

Would like to add in a tiny detail. Would it be possible to place the God of War symbol (find in attached file, just the symbol) on his singlet/Tshirt? Or can you suggest somewhere else it can be placed? It doesnt have to be big.

..... we'll scratch the dog idea. Can I have a snake instead? Hehe..No specifications..But perhaps you could give me an idea about the placement of the snake?"

Caricature muscular guy God of War at the beach
Not sure why she wanted Maoam sweets. Could be one of their secrets.
Didn't put the snake over his shoulder, as it will block his tattoo on his arm, and the God of War logo.

She dropped me an email:-
"Thank you so much for the caricature! Im sure he will love it! Its really awesome!"

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