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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Caricature for Republic of Singapore Navy, COSCOM

Client's brief:-
"..... One of the senior warrant officer will be retired from his 36 years of service on 8 Aug 08. I would like to have a caricature(in colour marker with theme-with background & body) for him as a Farewell Gift. He is a mentor in the unit, thinking of drawing him as "Zhuge Liang" character. Or perhaps, u can offer yr value suggestions to me. Prefer size is A2 with frame

I have proposed to draw xxxxx as "Zhuge Liang" character holding to a fan & the background is a Chinese Junk Ship. Pls also include the wording in Chinese on the centre of the sail "Yi-Fan, Feng-Shun", horizontal......"

Caricature for Singapore Navy Zhu Ge Liang
A2 size. Considered big for 1 person caricature.
I have done this theme of "Zhu Ge Liang" (諸葛亮) few years back, but it was printed out and slot in my display portfolio. You don't see it on my website or blog.
The client wanted him on the boat. Even though it was a caricature, we still need to take into consideration of the proportion of the relationship between the ship and the human. If they wanted to see the whole ship, this '諸葛亮' will be too small to be scene.
Thus I proposed to have him on the ship, but only partially shown, while we have another junk ship in the background.
Suggested to the client too, that we should put the "Yi-Fan, Feng-Shun" (一帆風順) on his fan, instead of the sail. It will be too small to be seen on it, in the background.
Quite a good them, I think, for a farewell gift from the Navy

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