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Friday, August 01, 2008

Caricature theme - Striker & Goalkeeper's wedding

Client's request:-
"....For the background, we would like something unique and creative. What I have in mind is my wife as a goalkeeper and me as a striker. I am trying to score a goal (goalpost is marked as 'Mine forever'). The ball is in mid-flight with the church and M hotel as the backdrop. Is this ok?"

Couple wedding caricatures Striker and Goalkeeper M Hotel church
For the caricature to turn out good (at least cheerful), I always requested for clear and smiling photos (at least; any expression except non-smiling photos which will turned out boring) from the clients.

Some clients will think that we are the face magicians, and can turn a non-smiling face to a smiling one. I always tell them that it is not as simple as putting a smiling mouth on the face.
It concerns with the facial muscle. Just like I can't put your smile on his/her face and it will look like the latter's smile. I can't do it based on imagination too. The resemblance will be gone.

Of course, these didn't apply to the above job. When the client provided me with smiling or funny expressions photos, they tend to inspire me with different ideas. My imagination will run wild. But the only drawback for funny expressions were that the resemblance were not there, as their friends or relatives (people who know about him/her) seldom see his/her these funny expressions , and thus they can't associate the caricature with that person. Usually, I won't choose these "extreme" expressions to work on, unless I am very sure that I can capture their essences in these expressions. These could be done with several photos of differnt expressions provided.

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