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Friday, August 01, 2008

caricature for Ministry of Finance

Client's brief:-
[Our boss is a long-time civil servant who is retiring soon. She started her career at the Inland Revenue Department (later called Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore or IRAS) at Fullerton hotel back when it was still a government building. Her last post was with the Ministry of Finance as our tax director.

Being a pioneer in tax policy, we would like to have her portrayed in the posture of Sir Stamford Raffles' statue at the Singapore River landing, with the familiar Singapore river and skyscrapers backdrop. One request we have is to fit the Fullerton Hotel in the backdrop so that she can be reminded of her roots.

As with the Raffles statue, we would also like her to be put on a pedestal, with the inscription "Singapore Tax Pioneer" on the pedestal. To give u a sense of her personality, she a very well dressed person who dolls up in power suits, Cartier watches and Ferragamo shoes. She should not be white, of course(!), but in full normal color. "

Caricature for Ministry of Finance
Main issue which I keep debating within myself (also raised to the client) was whether to let her stand like Sir Stamford Raffles statue. Might not look so graceful for a woman. In the end, as you can see, I threw away that posture.

Feedback from the client upon his collection:-
"Arh, nice!!!"


Unknown said...

Hi Jit - you're certainly are a busy man.
Good work my friend -and lots of it.
I'm honoured you have linked me. Thanks.

jit said...

It was delayed.
I should have done it a lot earlier, but keep forgetting to do so.

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