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Friday, May 28, 2010

Caricature theme - Hooked on Love

Client's brief:-

I saw your post on the Caricature theme - Wedding in winter sonata and really love the rubber stamp. My husband-to-be and I will be holding our wedding on 12 Sept 2010 and I would like to make a rubber stamp to be stamped on envelopes for our invites.

My husband-to-be is a huge fishing fanatic and to surprise him, I want to incorporate some form of fishing into the caricature.

- in shirt / suit
- holding a fishing rod on his right hand

- in a tube gown with tiara on head
- holding a fish on her left hand

Text at the bottom
"Hooked on Love"

My proposal:-
"What about having you as mermaid in his hand, or you been hooked out of the
water by him, but the hook is on a seashell n your hand?"

"Hi Jit,

I like the man fishing on this pic:

Can I have my husband-to-be, in this pose, holding on to a rod. The hook will be a diamond ring on my finger.

And he will be dressed in a suit, while I will be dressed in a wedding gown with a small tiara on head. Will this be possible?"

Wedding couple caricatures Hooked on Love A3
Couple wedding caricatures printed on red & pink rubber stamps
Printed on pink rubber stamp (on the right), without ink refill.

The red rubber stamp on the left was for another client.
They requested for the 3x4cm stamp, but the stock hasn't arrive yet.
Thus they changed their mind to take teh 3x3cm stamp.

Client's response upon seeing their caricatures:-
"Very nice"
I think so too.:)

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