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Friday, May 21, 2010

High-flyers couple caricatures in ink

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit,

Is it possible for you to do an ink (black and white), themed caricature of this couple? It is needed by the afternoon of 20th May as a birthday present for the lady in the pictures. I have no pre-conceived idea as to what is to be represented in the picture, so it's really up to you.
Here're some details of them -
-Highly educated
-High-flyers and working in the financial sector (perhaps you can reflect sophisticated tastes?)
-Like travelling (especially to the west)
-They met in JC and have been together for more than 10 years
-They own a black Mercedes so if imagine a car in the picture, you can draw that....

Hmmm.. Would an overseas location be better? Like Europe or something? Since they're at the CBD almost everyday. Might be sick of it. "

high flying couple caricatures in ink
Client's response upon receiving this caricature:-
"Oh, it's very nice!"

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