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Thursday, May 13, 2010

digital sketrch of caricaturist Agus Budi Santoso

digital sketrch of Agus Budi Santoso - 1
This sketch was like a breeze. Thanks to his pronounced features.
digital sketrch of Agus Budi Santoso - 2
The cross-hatching just flows in.
digital sketrch of Agus Budi Santoso - 3
Initial concept was to have his 2 index fingers pointing to the camera.
I erased it, and came out with this posture. By the way, that's my left hand (the model) hahaha....
digital sketrch of Agus Budi Santoso
I took out the pencil in his right hand. Looks cooler in such way.
With the cross-hatching added in, I would want to say - I love this caricature!
Looking at the time stamp on the blog (I do it as soon as I finished a drawing), it took me an hour to do this. Hmmm.... not bad in terms of time spent.

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