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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Doodling with iPad

Drawing on iPad
At last, I got hold of an Apple iPad, and started doodling on it.
The stylus I bot was pretty bad.
The rubber nip is like glued on to the screen surface when I draw on it.
As iPad screen isn't pressure sensitive as in Cintiq, I have to apply pressure to get the lines out, and got to pull the stylus (with a considerable amount of strength) to draw the lines. I think I got the wrong stylus. Maybe I should get the Pogo stylus from TenOne.
Drawing on iPad
I gave up using this stylus, and started using my finger to doodle.
For simple sketching, it shouldn't be so stressful.
Drawing on iPad
I need to get use to the app - Artstudio and Sketchbook Pro, and a lot more practice ahead.
Drawing on iPad ArtStudio
Drawing on iPad Sketchbook Pro
I use the marker tool in SketchBook Pro.
Besides the millions of colours I can choose from, the colours by default are opaque, which are very different from my Copic marker sets. However, the angle of these digital markers are set at a fixed angle. Maybe I haven't explore the settings yet.....
New challenge - more practice ahead, and do better drawings with iPad.
One day, I will be able to do roving caricature (for gigs) with it, given its portability.

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