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Sunday, May 09, 2010

digital sketch of Undertaker......

digital sketch of Undertaker - 1
I don't really like this sketch.
digital sketch of Undertaker - 2
Was trying out on the digital colouring.
As I am not happy with the sketch, I didn't continue working on the rest.
Maybe one day, I may come back to this and complete it.


Unknown said...

You've got the digital bug Jit - great - is this Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop ?

jit said...

Yes, Tel:).
This is done in Photoshop.
Somehow, I can't get use to SketchBook Pro.
Do you use the latter to sketch?

Unknown said...

Gee you're busy Jit !!
I mainly sketch and scan the image in - using 'Ghost' to make it transparent - if I sketch direct I tend to find Sketchbook Pro has a far more natural feel than PS.
Nice work- you certainly seem to be having fun with digital !

jit said...

I like to sketch digitally, because of the canvas size. Haha... I can add on and on. More freedom, and not restricted by the canvas. I am still not very use to SketchBook Pro, but I agreed with you, it has a far more natural feel than PS. Thinking to try it on iPad with gigs....:)

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