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Friday, May 14, 2010

Caricature theme - wedding @ beach

Client's brief:-

I found your website online and was interested in having a caricature of my fiance and I for our wedding. Can you let me know the amount for this, as well as the time frame? Our wedding is June 26th, 2010, so about 3 months away....

We were thinking a beach theme, because we recently moved to San Diego in southern California. We also have a small yorkie dog that would be cute to be in the picture....

Generic cartoon dog is fine, she is an adult Yorkshire terrier, so if you google search "adult Yorkshire terrier" you can use any generic photo. she has short hair.....

Wedding at a beach is the theme. The only detail for our outfits would be that her wedding dress is strapless and white. My tux is a traditional looking tuxedo in Black...."

Couple wedding caricatures @ beach 140510
A dog standing next to the couple could be boring.
An over-excited dog running round them should be a more interesting one.:)

Client's feedback via email:-
"It looks really great Jit!! Thanks again, we both really like it a lot.

Thanks again,


Bãpp said...

wonderful Jit,
jan :)

jit said...

Thank you, Jan.:)

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