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Monday, May 17, 2010

Caricatures for Inter-Ikea

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit Leong

I would like you to draw 2 caricatures. This is going to be a farewell memento for 2 of my Swedish colleagues.

Requisite :
A4 size
Black Frame without border
Either pencil or ink
Sign off at a corner “Best Wishes from IIDFE Finance”, not too big
Backdrop : IKEA store (if it is not over crowding )
To collect latest by 20 May 2010

1) For Magnus
Theme : Riding on a Harvey Davidson bike ...

Caricature for Inter-Ikea - guy on Harley Davidson "
I am going into more details in the inking of the Harley, with the help of the fountain pen, to bring out the metallic feel of teh bike in black and white.

""2) For Catarina
Theme :??
She likes to wear choker and bangles. She likes to sling her bag (she is the one wearing sunglasses in the photo)"

Caricature for Inter-Ikea - lady with choker & bangles


Arindam Tosh said...

Really nice..with details as specified..

jit said...

Thank you, Flashrockers.:)

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