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Thursday, May 06, 2010

digital sketch of caricaturist Mecho

digital sketch of Mecho - 1
This is the next caricaturist, Mecho from Costa Rica, which we will be exchanging caricatures.
digital sketch of Mecho - 2
digital sketch of Mecho - 3
Wacom stylus for him too, given tha he does digital caricatures.
Good thing about digital drawing is that I can keep increasing my canvas size, if I need to, so that I would not right to the edge of the paper, or restricted by the size.
The body part was also planned along the way, based on his expression. This is how I usally work.
digital sketch of Mecho
I added in some Photoshop brushes (Splashing and dripping type). Looks quite cool. Or did I mess up this drawing? Hahaha.......


jit said...

Thank you, David.:)

Bãpp said...

amazing job my friend,
jan :)

jit said...

Thank you, Jan:)

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